To sum up:

My quilting rates are based on the dimensions of your quilt top, and the difficulty of the quilting.

If you’re interested in economizing, the best deal I can offer is the flat rate quilting. Measure the length and width of your quilt top, in inches, and multiply them together to get the square inches size of your quilt top. Then take the square inches number and multiply by the flat quilting rate of $.02 (two cents per square inch). This flat rate includes: one top thread color, and one bobbin thread color, and an edge-to-edge overall pattern ( freehand or hand-traced). Please note that the flat rate for your quilt top does not include batting, nor backing, so you either must provide those two, or pay for them separately above the flat rate.

The flat rate price also does not include sales tax.

Here are the battings I keep on hand, with prices per yard:
Hobbs 80/20 white -- 108” roll -- $8.00/yd
Hobbs 80/20 black -- 108” roll -- $8.00/yd
Hobbs 20/20 natural -- 124” roll -- $10.00/yd
Hobbs Heirloom washable wool -- 108” roll -- $16.00/yd
Hobbs Natural cotton w/scrim -- 124” roll -- $15.00/yd
Tuscany silk -- $18/60” by 60” piece; $36/120 by 60” piece; $72/120” by 120”
Tuscany silk -- 96” roll -- #18.00/yd
Dream Cotton in Select weight -- 126” roll -- $14.00/yd; $7.00/yd for half-wide pieces
Warm n Natural --124” roll -- $14.00/yd; $7.00/yd for half-wide pieces
Warm n White -- priced per individual packages

There is a $45 minimum for quilting services due to planning and set-up times.

If you want more quilting detail than an overall pattern for your quilt top, then the rate will be higher per-square-inch, again based on the size of your quilt top. For instance, if you want the border to be treated separately from the body of the quilt, that falls into ‘light custom’ and will be $.025/sq. inch. If you want the blocks and borders treated individually, that will fall into ‘medium custom’ and will be $.03/sq. in. All S-I-D (Stitch-in-ditch, or quilting on piecing lines) and straight line quilting falls into this category, because I have to break out my rulers and that makes the quilting job take much longer. ‘Full custom’ includes individual motifs designed to fit the piecing of your quilt top and will be $.04 and higher.

There will be a charge of $5 for each added thread color on the top and in the bobbin.

Additional services include the making up and applying of binding to finish the quilt, at the following rates:
Make cross-grain binding: $.05/linear inch of outside edge of quilt (this will be French double-fold binding)
Apply binding by machine to front of quilt: $.05/linear inch
Apply binding by machine to back side of quilt: $.05/linear inch

If you buy your binding fabric from me, there is no charge to make up the binding.

If you supply a backing that is unfinished, there will be a $9.00 per seam charge, unless you have purchased the backing fabric from me, and then I will piece the back for you at no charge.

Application of hot-fix 4mm Swarovski crystals: $.25 ea

Party-packs of 24 hot-fix 4mm Swarovski crystals, mixed colors, for you to apply: $4.00 ea

The Process of Quilting
Longarm quilting start to finish
Ever wonder what a quilt goes through on a long arm machine? Here’s a set of photos that show that illustrate the process on my A-1 long arm machine (Bessie is her name because she is as reliable as a dairy cow). The beginning set-up photos are from Kendra Allen’s “Global Warming” quilt; most of the rest are from Alyssa’s graduation quilt. The finished quilt pictures are in the ‘finished quilts’ section of the gallery.

Tips for Better Quilting
Help me make your quilt look its best by following these guidelines whenever possible.